Bank by Phone

Banking by phone is a secure, interactive phone service that allows account holders a wide array of instant information.

Account access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Make 50 different types of transactions from your touch-tone telephone

Transfer funds

Make loan payments on MNB loans

Check balances

Determine the last 6 checks that cleared your account

plus a lot more!

Every transaction is secure because you choose your own Personal Identification Number (P-I-N). No one else knows it…not even the bank!

If you’re an MNB customer who would like to use our convenient phone banking service, just drop by any full-service branch of MNB and complete a short authorization card. Then you’re ready to go. Just dial 501-332-2300 to connect. You will be able to select your own Personal Identification Number (P-I-N) at that time. It is completely secure because it works with a combination that is unique to only you.

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