Whether you are saving for your student’s college education or that dream vacation, we can help you find the right account to meet your needs.

Malvern National Bank has a savings account that’s just right for you! 

Want to start putting money into a college savings account or start saving for that vacation you’ve been dreaming of? We’re here to help you find the account that suits you best. Come on in and see how we can help you save for the future.


All savings accounts are interest-earning accounts with Free Online & Mobile Banking, and E-Statements. All include minimum opening balances equal to the required minimum balances. Additional fees apply if allowed withdrawals are exceeded.

What’s Included

Youth Savings
$25 Minimum balance or $3.00 fee
6 Free withdrawals per quarter

MNB Savings
$100 Minimum balance or $5.00 fee
6 Free withdrawals per quarter

Prime Savings
$2,500 Minimum balance or $15.00 fee
3 Free withdrawals per quarter

Platinum Money Market Checking
Tiered interest
$5,000 Minimum balance or $10.00 fee
3 Free withdrawals per month

Certificate of Deposit

​Malvern National Bank CDs are available at several different maturities to fit your savings need. We offer competitive market rates and interest distribution options. Contact a representative for more details.

What’s Included

A CD is similar to a savings account, with a few differences:

Interest Rates
Earn more than a traditional savings account with the higher interest rates associated with CDs. Rates depend on the length of the term. Long-term CDs generally have higher interest rates than short-term CDs.

Fixed Maturity Date
CDs have fixed maturity dates or terms and there are typically penalty fees associated if you withdraw prior to the term ending.

Once your CD has matured, or the term ends, you will receive your deposited money plus the interest you earned. You also have the option to renew the CD for another term or reinvest your money into a new CD with a different term.

Round Up Savings

Debit Card transactions are rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the difference is transferred to your Savings Account!

What’s Included

Link your checking account to a savings account where you want the difference deposited.

Any card attached to the enrolled checking account will
trigger a transfer.

One or more checking accounts can be linked to the same savings account.

All round-up amounts from the day will be shown as a single transfer on the following business day.

Enroll at any Malvern National Bank location. Remember you can always bank conveniently online using your desktop or mobile by downloading the Malvern National Bank App for Apple and Android devices. Just search Malvern National Bank in your app store. Our Telebanking number is 501-332-2300 to connect.

Platinum Money Market

An interest-bearing checking account for large balances. Interest is paid in tiers, with higher interest accruals in upper tier accounts.

What’s Included

$5,000 Minimum opening deposit

Interest paid on collected balances over $5,000

Interest paid in tiers, with higher interest for upper tiers

No monthly service charge with a minimum balance of $5,000

Free MNB debit card

Limited transactions allowed

Please see a bank associate for current tiers and rates. If the minimum balance is not met, there will be a $10 service charge. Up to 6 withdrawals are allowed per month. Three withdrawals are free, but there is a $10 charge for each additional withdrawal. Limit of 3 violations per account. After 3 violations, the customer must be removed from this account type, by law.

Online Bank Statements

Your Bank Statements are always available electronically through Online Banking!  Just login to your Online Banking account and select “Documents” to see your statements at any time.

If you prefer to receive your statements by email, MNB’s e-Statements will send an email each month informing you that your monthly statement is ready to view. A link will be included in the email taking you to a secure log-in window where you’ll enter your own unique password. You’ll then be able to print your statement which includes copies of your canceled checks. The account statement(s) can be saved to your desktop for later reference.

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